More geek toys

By Nighty on 27 June 2009

After the upgraded iPod, what other cool gizmo can the true geek appreciate? Logic dictates that like all geek entertainment material, it too shall be small, sexy, shiny, with a bright screen and optinally some nice but not overly bright blue leds. So what could it possibly be? My Nokia 770? The 4TB file server under my desk? An eBook reader? On a sidenote: probably the only geek toy that may break the "bright LCD screen" rule... A hacked TomTom? A liberated wireless router?

Well, those would probably all be correct answers, but the thing I wanted to show off today is the following. All pics obviously clickable to full size.

Drool, lads, this one is mine and except for the gas for the van it was a freebie too!

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