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Revolutionary theories on a regular schedule? You can't simply say "today I will be brilliant"!

Computers and senior citizens

By Nighty on 19 December 2009

Last summer my neighbour expressed interest in getting a computer and onto the Internet. He wondered if I could help him get started. Tiny detail: the man turned 70 a couple of weeks ago and has never worked with a computer. Nor with a typewriter, as I've since come to find out.

So, this was an ideal opportunity to get the imaginary corvette out from under the tarp, pop that T-roof, roll down the windows and make a leisury trip down memory lane. Cue the crappy 90's music playing on the car stereo (Vanilla Ice anyone?) and let's head back to the place where it all began for me. Back to the time computers were still fresh and new, experience those awkward first steps all over again by proxy. Or so I thought...

Today I taught a man to fish!

By Nighty on 27 November 2009

Sometimes, a little communication can go a long way. Today's story involves:

  • The customer: bright young lad, fun to work with, has a clue - what a relief!
  • The connaisseur de configuration: yours truly!

Having arrived late at work, see previous adventure, I'm slurping my first coffee of the day and reading up on my mails. Mails, apparently being Tinkerbel on crack, as I discovered recently. I reach the customer's mail. It seems he needs to know which database of application B in a specific environment is connected to ours on the same environment.

Railroad Lampoon

By Nighty on 26 November 2009

Today, I came in to work an hour late. The cause was a disagreement between three horses and a train regarding the use of the tracks. Unsurprisingly, despite being in the majority, the horses didn't win the argument as the train made it quite clear it had absolutely no time to debate the issue.

What really irks me though is that this is yet another example of how the national railroad acts with a level of incompetence otherwise encountered only in Baldrick's famous "cunnin' plans", and with complete and utter disregard for the inconvenience inflicted upon its paying customers.

More geek toys

By Nighty on 27 June 2009

After the upgraded iPod, what other cool gizmo can the true geek appreciate? Logic dictates that like all geek entertainment material, it too shall be small, sexy, shiny, with a bright screen and optinally some nice but not overly bright blue leds. So what could it possibly be? My Nokia 770? The 4TB file server under my desk? An eBook reader? On a sidenote: probably the only geek toy that may break the "bright LCD screen" rule... A hacked TomTom? A liberated wireless router?

Sushi time!

By Nighty on 27 June 2009

Sometimes, the only available course of action is heading to the store to buy some fresh fish, cook rice and make sushi. Lucky for me, I've never been in such a desperate situation, but when the time comes, I shall be prepared!

Geeks & their toys

By Nighty on 14 June 2009

This is a story about an adopted iPod, and how through love, dedication and care it grew up to be a respectable member of its species.

Have you ever been in a situation where you bought something, realized you weren't completely happy with it, and then went way out of control trying to improve it? Most geeks can probably answer in the affirmative here...

So, my latest itch: the iPod. For years I've shunned the damn things, prefering simple mp3 players with ogg/vorbis support over Apple's proprietary style-over-function iTunes lock-in device. That was, until I learned about Rockbox, a free replacement for the software that normally powers your iPod.

First post!

By Nighty on 13 June 2009

Come on, every site needs to have a first post, doesn't it?

So let's say it one more time: "Hello world".

Good night, you've been great!